Why do generic medicines cost less than brand ones?

Generics are cheaper because you are not paying for the name.

What is the quality of generic drugs?
The quality is the exact same as branded products. The only difference is the name is that you are not paying a premium for the name. Quality, Effectiveness, and Safety are still the same.
Do you require a prescription before purchasing on your site?
No we don’t. However it is highly advised to contact your doctor beforehand. 
What shipping rates do you have?
We offer free shipping on all orders. We use DHL international because they usually are the fastest and most timely. 
Do you ship internationally?
Absolutely, since we are located internationally, we ship to almost any country. 
How orders are being sent?
Orders are sent via DHL. We pay extra to make sure you have the best shipping service. 
Can my order be delayed at customs?
Every country is different. Generally orders are not delayed. If they are, please contact us so we can resolve the problem. Contact@viagraforme.com
Why I still haven’t received my order?
Currently with the COVId-19 Pandemic, every country is having some problems. This has affected transit times. IF you haven’t received your order within 30 days please contact us so we can resolve it. Contact@viagraforme.com
Do you have the money back guarantee?
Yes! if you do not get your product within 30 days of shipment, we will refund your money or reship your order at completely no cost. 
What payments do you accept? 
We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express,